The Importance Of Intention

Setting daily intentions has been a game changer for me, and I'm not the first to say this. Intentions are a POWERFUL tool that I wish more people were enlightened about. It is common for people to set long term goals for themselves but rarely ever do people set intentions. What is the difference? Goals are usually future based while intentions are focused on the now. It's easy to lose sight of goals we have set for ourselves when we aren't reminded of our intentions behind them. The WHY. Reminding yourself daily of why you're doing what you're doing is key. Understanding the depths of your why gives every move you make more meaning, power, and purpose.

Intentions could be linked to your long term goals or could be as simple as reminding yourself the type of person you want to be that day. For example, "today I intend to be kind and gentle with every person that I encounter, I never know what someone is going through." Or, "I intend to not take things personally today."

Remember that intentions are practices. You will mess up. There will be some days you set an intention and not follow through. Forgive yourself and be better tomorrow. Intentions are baby steps to your long term goal. Practice it daily and eventually you will get there through trial and error.

Another example that I write down almost every morning is, "today I intend to be productive and stay focused. I will not let distractions get in the way of my productivity, I will keep a clear mind and remain focused." Are there days I get distracted and don't complete everything on my to do list? OF COURSE. I'm human. There will never be a perfect day, but the point is when I start the day with that intention in mind, more likely than not I will stick to it.

Lastly, one more example of an even more simplified intention is, "today I intend to spend less time on my phone." This is an intention that most people can set. When you write this down in the morning, it's in your mind and every time you pick up your phone you are more likely to think about the intention you set. It is now in your awareness and you're more likely to be mindful and honor it.

Intentions are a commitment to yourself. They're the backbone of your goals. They will help you stay more consistent and disciplined on your journey to whatever it may be that you want to achieve, short or long term.

"Our intention creates our reality." -Wayne Dyer

Be intentional about everything you do, live in alignment with the intentions you set and your life will naturally flow with more purpose and meaning.

I challenge you to write down 3 intentions for the day every morning. You could write it in a journal or even in the notes section of your phone. Spend 5 minutes a day for you and making your life more meaningful. You deserve it.



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