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Growth Doesn't Always Feel Good

Growth is messy. Growth is scary. It requires us to get uncomfortable, to fail, to mess up. With that comes feelings of anxiety, fear, overwhelm. I feel like it isn't talked about enough that these feelings are normal. These feelings shouldn't shy us away from what we want to do. It's common that our internal dialogue tells us that when things make us feel scared or anxious that maybe we shouldn't do it. We're never told to lean into those feelings. That these are the EXACT feelings that help us grow. Leaning into your fear, your anxiety, your self doubt is the only way to get past it. This is where confidence is built, where you realize what you're truly capable of.

I used to think growth was supposed to feel good. I used to think that if something was truly what I was supposed to be doing I would never feel anxious or scared doing it, when in reality it's the exact opposite. If you're scared to do something that's probably the exact thing you're supposed to be doing.

Most of my life I've dreamt of doing something in the health and fitness field. Dreamt of helping others become the best versions of themselves, mentally and physically. I spent years telling myself that I wasn't ready. I was waiting until I was fit enough, confident enough, knowledgeable enough...the list goes on. It took me years of self doubt, of being in my own head, getting in my own way that I finally made that dream a reality for myself. I am now an instructor at one of the most amazing gyms, in my opinion. For me, this is just a baby step. I'm soooo far from where and who I want to be, but it has taught me lessons that I will carry for a lifetime that I want to share. The most important being START BEFORE YOU'RE READY. I've learned that I will never feel ready for anything, I'm sure most can relate. Regardless of what I'm doing I will always see more room for improvement and that's okay, but do not fall victim to that mentality. DO NOT let it hold you back. You've gotta start and grow through the process. Stop waiting for the life you want. Get busy creating YOUR life and YOUR purpose, whatever that is for you. It won't be easy. It'll be hard as fuck. You'll look dumb, you'll cry, you'll fail, people will judge and criticize you, but this is where we GROW. When life challenges us is where we get the opportunity to build strength, grit, and confidence knowing that we can do hard shit.

I never in a million years thought I would actually build up the courage and follow my passion. Not until I started realizing that growth is supposed to feel uncomfortable. I still have feelings of self doubt, of not being enough. I'm not sure that these feelings will ever go away. These feelings are normal, even the most successful people experience them. The difference is they don't let that hold them back.

Trust me, I know it's easier said than done, but stop letting fear and anxiety dictate your life. Get out of your own head. Believe in yourself (we'll talk more in depth about the power of this later cuz woooow). Let people judge you, let people misunderstand you, let yourself fail. This is YOUR life and YOUR journey. Start living your full truth and let it set you free ONE BABY STEP AT A TIME.

And don't forget that life comes in seasons. There will be seasons of growth and seasons of repair. We can't always be growing. We need seasons to rest and to refuel. Don't beat yourself up over the setbacks or the times you need to take a step back. Use it to propel you.

Growth will never be easy, there will be high high's and low lows. It'll be hard work and won't always feel good, but nonetheless, it'll be work worth doing.

I'm sure you've heard it a million times but growth truly happens outside of your comfort zone. Get uncomfortable and see where it takes you. (:



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